jeudi 5 avril 2018

In english please !!

Hi everbody !

 It's Solène, I come back today to talk to you in english, as you can see. 
It's our english teacher who gave us the idea, Madam Taussat, when we where in class my teacher said " I watched your blog and i find it very cool, it would be nice to write an article in english no ?!" We haven't a big level in english but we try ! (Sorry for the mistakes...)

This article has for goal to talk about the result of this adventure

Soon It will be the end for us on the blog 😢 and the result is very rich for us, we have learn so much things, and we made concrete things, and today we are very proud of our work. We have learnt to write articles, to shoot a moovie, and draw, and specially working with a partner, Mister Rohr. In the project we are all well heard and we have all made a great work. And now we hope to win a first place !!

This afternoon we made a picture and we are all beautiful like .... a truck !!!! 🚚🚚

The sun shines in Marmilhat

A good team

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